RsBattle Rules

RsBattle [Alpha] Rules

Last Updated: August 24th, 2020

All players are expected to abide by the following rules. We reserve the right to permenantly ban accounts regardless of the severity of the offense. If you think you might get in trouble for something, it's better to just not do it. Contact a Moderator or member of the Staff if you have any questions.


  1. Having multiple accounts that interact with the community (or yourself) is against the rules. You are allowed multiple accounts as long as only one of them impacts the economy.
    • This is what Ironman mode is for; you are free to create as many Ironman accounts as you would like!
  2. Automated programs and / or scripts are strictly prohibited. Anybody caught automating / botting any part of the game will be immediately banned without warning. If there is something you'd even consider automating, please contact an Admin and we can probably just code it in as part of the actual game.
  3. Trading items within RsBattle [Alpha] to another player for anything outside of RsBattle [Alpha] will result in a ban. No real money or trading of items from other games!
  4. Creating accounts specifically to harass another player will result in a ban of ALL your accounts and / or devices.
  5. Initiating a chargeback for a real money purchase on RsBattle [Alpha] will result in your account being suspended until the owed amount is repaid.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about a payment, please contact us first to avoid this happening.
  6. Scamming other players is not tolerated. You are free to buy and sell whatever you want, for however much you want. But if you scam someone due to deceit of any kind, you will be banned.
  7. Knowingly exploiting a bug / glitch in the game will result in an permanent ban. If you find something, please report it to us. If it's game-breaking enough, you may even get rewarded!
  8. Creating accounts with similar usernames to other players in an attempt to confuse / mislead players is prohibited. Having a similar name is fine as long as it isn't done maliciously.
    • Impersonate a Moderator or member of Staff? That's a perma-ban on all accounts.
  9. Creating accounts for the sole purpose of taking usernames is against the rules and will get all of your accounts and devices banned.
    • This also goes for creating accounts just "for fun", or any other reason besides actively playing on that account.
    • You are allowed as many accounts as you'd like as long as you follow the rules on all of them and aren't just wasting server resources.


We are not responsible for the things that players say or link to in the chat. We try our best to moderate it and keep it a friendly environment, but we can not be present 24/7.

  1. Strictly prohibited topics: race, politics & religion.
  2. Mild trolling and / or banter is perfectly fine. Being aggressive towards other players is not allowed though.
    • Someone piss you off? Don't sit and argue with them in chat, put them on your ignore list and continue with your day.
    • Any sort of racism or personal attacks will result in an immediate mute and / or account ban.
  3. Consider chat as 18+, you are free to swear / curse and use adult language. Just don't go overboard or we'll clear chat and switch topics.
  4. Using any method to bypass another player's ignore list will result in an account ban (not just a mute).
    • If somebody has you ignored, they don't want to hear from you. Simple.
  5. If a Moderator asks you to stop saying something, you should probably listen to them. If not, you'll likely find yourself muted.
  6. Posting more than 3 lines in a row is prohibited. Keep your messages to as few as lines as possible, please don't spam everybody's chat.
  7. You may post links in chat as long as they are not explicit. If it isn't safe for work, don't post it without a Moderator's permission.
    • This is the fastest way to get yourself muted. Please don't link to any porn, nasty images, etc.
  8. If you're caught repeatedly breaking any of these rules, your account will be muted (or even if it's bad enough on the first offence).
    • Creating multiple accounts to bypass a mute will just result in all of your accounts and / or devices being banned.


  1. All of the normal chat rules apply.
  2. We're a bit more relaxed on the "2 lines in a row" rule here. You can edit Discord messages though, so use that if you can.
  3. There may eventually be a NSFW channel where explicit things can be posted, enter at your own risk if that happens.