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[1:04]  Premium Swindal83: Still got 2 lvls to push on def, then i'll burn the world for some xp
[2:03]  Premium Swindal83: looks like i gotta choppy choppy unless my 100k coins can buy wood :((
[12:19]  zezima: 93 fishing
[12:19]  zezima: am i gonna hit 100 before the "reset"
[12:20]  zezima: @xny1337 you wanna buy my gem piles 500 each?
[12:21]  Ryan: Nah, you won't hit 100. Unless you can grind those 7 levels in about 7 days. :P
[12:21]  zezima: lmfao add sharks
[12:28]  zezima: i hear theres a cyberpunk update XD
[12:38]  Premium xny1337: @zezima Eure
[12:38]  Premium xny1337: sure *
[3:51]  Elara: 7 days? ร–.รถ
[3:51]  Elara: does the waiting finally end?
[4:33]  Falcanor: wait there is a reset in 7 days?
[4:43]  Ryan: Nah lol. It'll take a little longer than that. But I'm aiming for having the new version up on dev server within a week. And once we test it for a couple days there I can reset and update here.
[4:51]  Premium KroBa: <3
[4:56]  Falcanor: ow i see
[5:15]  Premium Swindal83: 7 days to finish my goals here, got it
[5:29]  Premium KroBa: I should be able to get to 800
[5:38]  Ryan: A long way to go, but it's going. ๐Ÿ˜ https://i.imgur.com/ckMxKQ4.png
[5:44]  Premium KroBa: Interesting - bit different to the current gathering system in that you target one specific type?
[2:04]  Premium Swindal83: ryan i really hope to see some giants to combat.
[2:33]  Premium Swindal83: looking for yew branches and thunderstrucks to buy
[5:04]  CohnJonnor: swindal i got yew bro
[6:31]  Premium Swindal83: oh man
Alphabetsoop has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping willow tree!
[2:48]  silverk: hello
[2:49]  KroBa waves
[2:52]  Hardcore Ironman Aris: hihi
janest has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[1:01]  silverk: how do you raise the success of fishing, this says 10% at lvl 2
[1:01]  Premium Swindal83: lvl
[1:11]  silverk: hmm vling to 3 and it it still saying 10%
[1:11]  Premium KroBa: Keep doing it to level it up and you'll get more successful and open up more areas to fish
[1:12]  Premium KroBa: You get experience for every action, just not necessarily the items, depending on success rate
[1:14]  silverk: takes alot of levels eh?
[1:15]  Premium KroBa: Yes
[1:17]  silverk: is there a use for small shell whch says crude junk on it
[1:17]  Premium KroBa: All Junk items can be sold to the imaginary vendor for coins
[2:24]  Premium Swindal83: 765k for runite armor woo
[2:30]  Premium Swindal83: soo much stuff is gone from the market lol
[2:43]  Zankos: if you need the runite armor set, i can sell it, according to craft material price
[2:44]  Zankos: it seems you want the xp tho
[2:48]  Premium Swindal83: ah yeh i'll craft it up
[2:49]  Premium Swindal83: gotta get my r1 spot back before the reset!
[2:50]  Premium Swindal83: 20k runite to smelt lol.
[2:51]  Premium Swindal83: i wont be able to smelt it all
[2:51]  Premium Swindal83: 2.4mil heat needed
[2:57]  Zankos: still buying yew ?
[3:03]  Premium Swindal83: yeah!
[5:22]  CohnJonnor: yew is a constant neccesity
[5:50]  Zankos: whats the selling price of thunderstruck log ?
[5:54]  Premium Swindal83: bought some for 20k
[6:20]  Zankos: thats way too high :x
[6:22]  Premium Swindal83: noone sells them :(
[6:22]  Zankos: i'm putting one at 5k 10seconds
[6:23]  Zankos: i already feel bad selling yew branches at 10 gold instead of 5avg
[6:23]  Premium KroBa: I've been buying them at 10 and reselling to Swindal at 20 :)
[6:23]  Zankos: nice move
[6:24]  Zankos: anyway i'm only using my coin to reduce the amount of items in shop
[6:25]  Zankos: don't need them at all
[6:26]  Premium Swindal83: nice move
[6:26]  Premium Swindal83: i bought some yew at 20g each earlier
[6:26]  Premium Swindal83: pretty sure kroba did it to me
[6:27]  Zankos: few days ago i was asking my self if i should steal 4th rank spot, i should have did it
[6:27]  Zankos: 3th *
[6:28]  Zankos: i wouldnt be surprised if kroba used the gold from overpriced yew to buy other stuff i'm selling, so in the end i'm the one stealing the most to swindal
[6:29]  Premium Swindal83: it's fine
[6:29]  Premium Swindal83: reset soon been grinding alot of gold with the combat
[6:30]  Premium KroBa: The only thing I've really bought lately was some food and Runite Ore
[6:31]  Zankos: are raw fish food ?
[6:31]  Premium Swindal83: no
[6:31]  Zankos: asking kroba
[6:31]  Premium KroBa: No
[6:33]  Zankos: sad
[6:34]  Zankos: ive got 5k fish stick, if you need can sell at 2coin
[6:34]  Premium KroBa: I still have 40k Crab legs
[6:34]  Zankos: such a rich man
[6:35]  Premium KroBa: using trout jerky for combat though
[6:35]  Zankos: doesnt matter which kind you are using if you are refilling it and dont care about xp
[6:36]  Premium KroBa: the better the food you use for combat, the less frequently you have to refill your satchel
[6:36]  Zankos: the better the food, the higher the price
[6:36]  Premium KroBa: coins mean very little compared to efficiency for me
[6:37]  Zankos: keeping gold to lvl up other jobs can be considered as better efficiency tho
[6:38]  Zankos: still time is money, so in the end
[6:38]  Zankos: ..
[6:38]  Premium KroBa: Well, I have enough spare coin that I don't need to worry about it
[9:45]  Falcanor: Where can I see the achievements?
[11:29]  Premium Swindal83: i pretty much make 20k in a 24 hour period give or take a little bit, coin right now is nothing compared to just able to buy the annoyances like yew/thunderstrucks
[11:29]  Premium Swindal83: and i only "spend" a satchel of pike kebabs to make that
[11:29]  Premium Swindal83: which i cooked ages ago lvling cooking/fishing
[1:33]  Premium KroBa: Swindal making me rich but I've nothing to spend it on :|
[4:22]  Premium Swindal83: i hope there's sound in the next game
[4:23]  Premium Swindal83: some small sound indications of things like my satchel is empty
[6:28]  Premium Swindal83: or if i die make some death animation/sound
[8:57]  Premium KroBa: ^ Agree :)
[12:08]  Ryan: Yeah that could be possible. I had something like that coded previously when private messages were a thing. It'd ding if you got a PM and you weren't on the game screen.
Alphabetsoop has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping willow tree!
[2:02]  Zankos: selling iront ingot : 2000 / gold ingot : 5000
[2:04]  Zankos: i can lower the price by half for both if somone is interested tho
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