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[2:28]  BigPapa: Il strangle u
[2:28]  BigPapa: Ty
[2:28]  BigPapa: Xoxo
[2:28]  BigPapa: Not in a sexy way either young man
[2:29]  tennischamp5: when's the riot coming?
[2:29]  BigPapa: Ima riot proper
[2:29]  BigPapa: If combat is not here within hours
[2:29]  BigPapa: Burn the house down
[2:32]  Swindal83: ryan O_O
[2:32]  Swindal83: Poe patch
[2:35]  CohnJonnor: come get yer scrimps on the market, special 1g offer
[1:42]  BigPapa: Combat soon
[1:57]  BigPapa: Combat or.riot
[12:02]  BigPapa: Hello
[12:02]  BigPapa: Rioy
[12:02]  BigPapa: Riot now
[12:05]  Almyti: @ryan i like this more then idlescape i think great job!
[12:06]  Almyti: @ryan i think i like this more then idlescape, great job!
[12:06]  Almyti: oops
[12:08]  BigPapa: @ryan combat now or i burn down chat
[12:10]  Ryan, the Creator: @Almyti Ty :) It'll be quite a bit different after the re-work. Hopefully even more fun and rewarding. :D
[12:15]  KroBa: :D
[12:15]  Codex: Excited to see it! Lurking and getting my mining/smelting to addy in preparation for new combat
[12:18]  Ryan, the Creator: I've only had the first 2 zones still to play around with so far, but it's better in terms of balance for sure. No more, 2k+ bones an hour or whatever it was.. Lol.
[12:19]  Codex: Hahahaha good, I actually prefer that, i had so many hours of burying small bones i just said f it and sold them
[12:19]  Ryan, the Creator: Also had big break-through, finally got the game running locally on my PC. It's been a real struggle, Eric and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure it out over the weeks. But now we can both use Git effectively and have a much cleaner work-flow and update process in the next version. :)
[12:20]  KroBa: Nice work! Progess++ :)
[12:20]  KroBa: Does that mean we're getting a stand-alone client? :)
[12:21]  Ryan, the Creator: Haha. Could someday perhaps, maybe. I do want to get Android and iOS apps for release. A simple .exe wouldn't be far off.
[1:05]  dew: Hmmm shoul we go to sleep Ryan or we wait?
[1:21]  Hobo: what are we waiting for?
[1:21]  Hobo: im out of the loop
[1:24]  dew: We shoul get combat either today or tomorrow
[1:32]  Hobo: oh really?
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[2:13]  Almyti: how do i open guant oyster?
[2:13]  Almyti: ginat
[2:13]  Almyti: giant
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[4:29]  BigPapa: Ryan.. Combat or riot
[4:29]  BigPapa: Final chance
[4:30]  dew: xD
[4:30]  BigPapa: Me and dew gonna burn this house down
[4:30]  BigPapa: Down
[4:31]  dew: I won't paticipate xD
[4:31]  BigPapa: He will.
[4:31]  BigPapa: Dont push us
[4:32]  BigPapa: Ive got a spade in my inventory
[4:32]  BigPapa: I can burn body
[4:32]  BigPapa: Bury
[4:33]  dew: And I got 5k food but riot is too much xD
[4:33]  Kiven, the Mathmagician: hi guys, we are testing the combat on dev server
[4:34]  dew: now that I was about to go to sleep...
[4:34]  dew: its 10:30 am here
[4:34]  Kiven, the Mathmagician: Ryan went sleeping too btw
[4:34]  BigPapa: Just implement it
[4:34]  BigPapa: I will test
[4:35]  dew: Can you assure it won't go live until ryan wakes up?
[4:35]  Kiven, the Mathmagician: 100% sure
[4:35]  BigPapa: When does ryan wake up
[4:35]  BigPapa: 1 hours?
[4:35]  Kiven, the Mathmagician: Anyway, probably, we are going to release combat with xp and drops still "broken", just to test the mechanics and see if it works as intended
[4:36]  BigPapa: Not broken
[4:36]  BigPapa: Combat should be money maker
[4:36]  Kiven, the Mathmagician: and then we will make an update to fix xp and makes drops more interesting
[4:36]  BigPapa: Good
[4:36]  BigPapa: Combat soon
[4:36]  BigPapa: Or riot
[4:36]  BigPapa: Ok kiven
[4:36]  Kiven, the Mathmagician: yep, definitely combat soon bro
[4:37]  Kiven, the Mathmagician: also we are working on a roadmap, so you can see what we are working on and which functions will be released first
[4:42]  BigPapa: Enchanting or riot
[4:42]  BigPapa: Was meant be released 6 days ago
[4:42]  BigPapa: Hehe
[4:45]  ZeWizArd: why is is that my last message on my little level up thing is that i hit 33 agility when im 39
[6:42]  BigPapa: Combat or riot
[6:53]  Zazou: what is the timezone on the chat ?
[6:54]  Zazou: it's almost 1PM here
[6:55]  dew: new york timezone
[6:55]  Zazou: okay ty!
[7:14]  BigPapa: Riot or combat
[7:39]  Zazou: R.I.O.T
[8:31]  Piogigl: what smelting level do i need to smelt iron?
[8:31]  Piogigl: 10?
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[9:39]  Thu: ore
[9:43]  Guest1246: how to fight?
[9:45]  CohnJonnor: combats currently down as its getting redone
[9:45]  Guest1246: oh
[9:45]  CohnJonnor: yeah
[9:45]  Guest1246: well I guess bye? was looking for a combat game
[9:46]  CohnJonnor: come back in a month or two
[9:46]  Guest1246: probably will have forgotten tbh
[9:46]  CohnJonnor: discord if you don't want to
[9:46]  Guest1246: ok thanks :)
[9:47]  Guest1246: cya have a good day 👋
[9:47]  CohnJonnor: u2
[9:57]  Archeron: A version of combat for testing will be released today
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