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[6:37]  zezima: i dont think so lol
[6:38]  zezima: i only delete shit that doesnt stack
[6:27]  Jbasin: When can i open the geodes?
[8:40]  hippogryph: Gotta reach level 120 to open em :)
[3:30]  Jbasin: Ahh thank you
[4:38]  Premium KroBa: KEKW
[12:19]  Lily: So the last update was 2020? :(
[12:21]  Ironman Alorel: Yeah this is abandonware that's still somehow staying online
[12:39]  Lily: That's sad because I like it.
[4:50]  Premium KroBa: As long as Ryan keeps it running, I'll be playing
[5:43]  Premium beardog2006: Crazy last 2 years, Never know what tomorrow might bring.
[8:06]  Lily: Guess I'll play for as long as I can enjoy it :)
[2:17]  Premium KroBa: I'm on that 5mil grind for the Runite gloves and boots :wheelchair:
[2:20]  Premium KroBa: Incidentally: SALE on Lobster Claw - half price!
[9:50]  Premium Hands: i am once again begging ryan to take 10 minutes to please unfuck level 90 woodcutting so i can actually keep playing once my fuel runs out
[9:51]  Premium Hands: how much gold does everyone have? i know a bunch of yall have a ton from before the nerf or whatever. i have 1.5m from selling wood to yall
[10:10]  Premium xny1337: grinding for runite gloves/boots, sadly never grinded the money tree :D
[11:25]  zezima: i got 10m ;)
[2:34]  Premium KroBa: Hook me up
[12:06]  Premium KroBa: I only need like 3mil :)
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[3:37]  TheRealBewr: hello
[5:22]  Guest4837: Is this game still being worked on? The last update was in 2020?
[12:41]  Socom: any tips for new player
[9:07]  Tizequieal: woodcut alot as a new player C:< best tip lol
[10:54]  Socom: how do i get logs? i only get branches
[11:58]  Premium beardog2006: gotta get to a certain level
[1:58]  Orion: Hello!
[7:38]  Premium beardog2006: hi
[2:04]  KroBa waves
[5:24]  Socom: how do i turn branches into logs?
[5:24]  Socom: i need to upgrade my axes
[5:25]  Socom: nvm, got it.
[6:00]  Premium beardog2006: confusing at first, The wiki page was helpful for me
Tizequieal has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[5:46]  ZythusLin: I mean, if anyone knows computer coding or whatever or someone who does, then this COULD be back up and running updates.
[2:36]  ZythusLin: How do I use the Charcoal as fuel? Do I need to be a certain level?
[2:37]  Premium KroBa: Nah, you can't use it - was never implemented
[2:37]  ZythusLin: Got it. Thanks.
[2:38]  Premium KroBa: me glances at stack of 16k Charcoal
[2:38]  KroBa *
[2:38]  ZythusLin: I'd delete it honestly then. What'd be the point of keeping them?
[2:38]  Premium KroBa: Maybe one day :)
[2:39]  Premium KroBa: Why throw anything out when there is no inventory limit?
[2:39]  ZythusLin: Inventory management.
[2:39]  Premium KroBa: What if you need it some day and you never had to just delete it
[2:40]  ZythusLin: It's easy enough to get a hold of.
[2:40]  Premium KroBa: You can even use the Marketplace as storage xD
[2:40]  Premium KroBa: like some people with yew logs love doing
[2:41]  Premium KroBa: branches rather
[2:41]  ZythusLin: Seriously?
[2:42]  Premium KroBa: That was a joke alluding to the price of those branches but yes, if you really want to you can just put stuff on the Marketplace for whatever price you want
[2:43]  ZythusLin: I mean, I know the price custommization part. But the branches? Didn't really pay attention to them. Didn't really have a use for them yet.
[2:45]  ZythusLin: Quick question for you.
[2:45]  ZythusLin: Do you have a spare bronze pick on you?
[2:46]  Premium KroBa: I do not - I sold all my Bronze stuff a few years ago when I was done with it :)
[2:47]  ZythusLin: Crap. If I gave you the material, would you get me the bronze ingots?
[2:48]  Premium KroBa: What level is your Mining?
[2:49]  ZythusLin: Also, I forgot how OP Cooked Shrimp is starting out. And it is 10.
[2:49]  ZythusLin: Hey, can you nickname sand?
[2:52]  ZythusLin: Can you guess why I asked the last question?
[2:52]  Premium KroBa: Are you asking me to smelt bronze for you? I can't really afford to spend my heat on bronze, at the moment
[2:53]  Premium KroBa: I've never nicknamed anything in this game so I dunno what you're talking about
[2:53]  ZythusLin: Fair enough. It was just a question for that.
[2:54]  ZythusLin: Never mind. It only applies to equipables. Here I was hoping to nickname Sand as Pocket Sand.
hippogryph has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[5:21]  Jbasin: I got 350 bronze ingots if anyone needs it
[7:22]  Premium beardog2006: any reason addy is stonger than rune weapons? lol f
[7:27]  Tizequieal: unfinished business I'd say with the rune >XD
[8:42]  Premium beardog2006: haha i guess.
hippogryph has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
FireWorx has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[3:19]  Premium FireWorx: whoo my 1st
[5:50]  Premium beardog2006: nice
[5:41]  Tyrantbadjoe: how do you play this game ?
[5:42]  Tyrantbadjoe: is any1 even playing this game ?
[5:53]  zezima: its a afk game
[6:16]  Premium FireWorx: or idle game ;-)
[2:36]  TheRealBewr: playing idle, huh?
[2:36]  TheRealBewr: yeah that or incremental for sure
[1:02]  Ironman Alorel: Number go up, monkey brain go brrr - that about sums up games like these
hippogryph has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[2:06]  Aralus: hi :)
[2:08]  Premium FireWorx: ho :-)
[1:17]  Premium FireWorx: where i can get raw meat and poultry?
[1:16]  Premium KroBa: You cannot
[1:33]  Premium FireWorx: ok thank you for your answer, is there a sign from the dev, when it will be developed more further?
[5:52]  CanorElfman: congrats
[4:44]  wwothryaa: hi
[4:44]  Premium FireWorx: hi
[4:56]  wwothryaa: so uhm.. this is an idle game right?
[4:56]  wwothryaa: does it also work if I log out?
[4:57]  wwothryaa: of course, given that I made an account
[5:06]  wwothryaa: okay testing
[5:10]  Premium FireWorx: yes after logout/leaving game 12hours your char will doing further
[5:10]  Premium FireWorx: premium 18hours ;-)
[6:40]  Guest5204: Hi
[6:41]  Guest5204: I cant find a way to make an account
[6:52]  Premium FireWorx: top right the gear?
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