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RGBNHT has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[8:11]  Sciotomax: Just woerd that you can only sell them at thr marketplace then
[8:11]  Sciotomax: ..
[9:06]  zezima: top 20!
[2:09]  hippogryph: gratz!
[3:48]  Sciotomax: That crappy tatteted shirt you start with is +3 armor but bronze chainmail is only +1?
[5:09]  Alec: 69 agility
[5:09]  Alec: nice
[3:50]  Premium KroBa: You've not cooked any Lobster @Tizequieal
[3:51]  Premium KroBa: I also did a lot of Salmon
[3:53]  Premium KroBa: That's not even all my Burnt Fish because I definitely sold some to saltymike a while ago
[3:55]  Premium KroBa: Probably a lot of the Trout and Bass when I was lower level too
[2:25]  KxWarrior: i should level my fishing. . .
[2:31]  Madrobots: How do I get heat ?
[2:33]  KxWarrior: do firemaking
[12:48]  Tizequieal: im not a fan of burning fish, and cooking lobs is not really worth it in my eyes, cost of heat vs fish oil you gain isn't so great cx
[1:10]  Premium KroBa: that's why you're not 80 cooking yet :pepelaugh:
[6:50]  Alec: move south
[2:06]  Premium xny1337: gz for 1000 total @KroBa
[2:07]  zezima: about time
[3:35]  RGBNHT: lol what
[3:35]  RGBNHT: accidentally clicked stop cutting tree
[3:36]  RGBNHT: and i cant resume cutting, in my woodcutting actions list there is only create all the hatchet types but not a single cut tree option
[3:36]  RGBNHT: help
[1:29]  Premium KroBa: Woo! Finally hit it.
[4:11]  Tizequieal: lol Kroba, i barely play and im in 2nd top place highscores, pepelaugh yer self guy xDDDD
[4:13]  Tizequieal: all im saying is for ppl to level fast, they are doing something wrong. I took idk how many months break and im 2nd place like how!!! XXDD
[4:52]  RGBNHT: how do you measure barely or frequently play when you just need to leave the tab open lol
[5:14]  Tizequieal: barely meaning, i dont log in that offten and would forgot... 4head, just think jzzz xDDD
[5:15]  Tizequieal: like how the heck do i have to explain the simple stuff... Use a brain cell plz
[5:56]  RGBNHT: ohhhhh
Ironman Roner has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[3:09]  404: level27 agility here-- log doesnt say but new course (village) unlocked ;)
[2:08]  Premium KroBa: Yeah, it unlocks at 25 and 50
[11:05]  RGBNHT: lots of regular branches/log, cooked/uncooked food, uncut gems and an emerald necklace @1 gold each
[11:05]  RGBNHT: cant start my woodcut actions so just gonna close the tab, later guys :P
[11:10]  zezima: holy shit thanks
[11:11]  zezima: 600k branches wtf
[1:47]  Premium KroBa: damn, missed out on the uncuts :(
[1:49]  Premium KroBa: guess zezima snapped up everything
[1:51]  zezima: you dont even wanna know what i got...
[1:51]  zezima: 16 thunderstrucks.... for 1 gold each
[1:51]  zezima: wasnt much gems
[1:54]  Premium KroBa: Money goes to money and the rich get richer :rolling_eyes:
[1:55]  Premium KroBa: Haha, damn, I thought discord style emojis worked :P
[2:00]  Premium xny1337: give me those uncuts pls <.< :D
[12:48]  404: ah. so nothing for miles yet now..? D: but howd you know when even gamelog doesnt say? :oo
Tizequieal has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[1:21]  zezima: lol @kroba you think im rich? im poor af... all the money i got from fishing i bought bait n hooks with
[3:34]  Premium Swindal83: it's been a few months but i'm back boys
[3:59]  zezima: its the shitty fisherman
[5:46]  zezima: uhhh is combat working for anyone??
[7:36]  Premium Swindal83: oh nice zez got 100 fishing
[7:36]  Premium Swindal83: now you can do other things!
[11:26]  zezima: lol yup been going ham on everything else
endege has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping willow tree!
[7:50]  Johnus: how do I open geodes or birds nests?
[7:51]  hippogryph: It's better to wait to open that
[8:42]  Elara: you cant open them right now anyway
[4:04]  Premium Swindal83: probably not next year either
hunterneme has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping maple tree!
[6:04]  Tizequieal: negative Nancy's when it comes to this game updating lmfao, Cause you lot knowe how to take care of kids xD
[12:30]  zezima: @tizequieal lmfao shut your mouth before i slap it lol. lets be honest ryan is busy with diablo XD
[2:19]  Tizequieal: lmfao zezima yer the bloke with the famous name but bitching like a lil kid, you should know Ryans stuggle cause yer that kid xDDDDD
[2:21]  Tizequieal: then again i feel like you would slap the kid anyways if u had one zezima xDD
[4:20]  Premium KroBa: You guys should eat some magic mushrooms and realise that everybody poops and all the world needs is love <3
[10:19]  hippogryph: Kim Jong-Un doesn't poop
[2:10]  Luckless: Ho! A north korean playing a video game? Never thought I'd see the day.
[2:49]  Tizequieal: your telling me that? xD im backing up the kid here only
[12:18]  zezima: whos got 500k i can have lol XD
[11:23]  zezima: @elara passed you in total you better stop fishing fucker
[3:48]  hippogryph: lold
[4:27]  Elara: XD
[6:14]  zezima: first 100 stat is all that matters
itsDerek has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
endege has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[4:00]  zezima: @elara you actually stopped fishing XD
[5:14]  DeliciouslyNine: hey
[8:42]  Guest2408: hello bobby
[8:42]  Guest2408: hello my name is bobby*
[8:42]  Guest2408: hello deliciouslynine
[8:42]  Guest2408: remember me
[11:22]  DeliciouslyNine: how do i look at how much heat i have
[11:22]  hippogryph: stats tab
[11:22]  DeliciouslyNine: ty
[11:22]  hippogryph: np
[1:50]  Buba: help
[1:50]  Buba: i am noob
[1:55]  Buba: how do i do anything tbh
[1:56]  Buba: thanks game tip that definitely helps me
[3:29]  Buba: game tips are gay
hunterneme has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping maple tree!
[8:21]  DeliciouslyNine: how would a game tip be gay if it's not even alive
[11:42]  Tizequieal: don't worry about the inbreed, their brains aren't all there x'D
[11:45]  DeliciouslyNine: 🤣
[1:00]  Buba: hello
[1:43]  Buba: idlescape is better
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