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[1:20]  zezima: damn to think i was never gonna make it pass 80 fishing.... we hitting 99 probably sunday
Ironman Kirito has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[4:26]  Bleki: good morning world
[3:45]  Premium KroBa: howdy
[2:34]  u3e: hello
[2:37]  Bleki: hope everyone is doing fine on this weird monday
[6:35]  Premium Swindal83: Eh? Oh guess i went inactive again. Time to cut more tree bbl
[1:41]  BadBunnyBrigade: Oh god, I forgot how to play :'( Lol I don't know what I'm doing anymore
[11:48]  zezima: 99 !!!!!!!!!!
[12:03]  zezima: lol 69m fishing xp. i wanna see total xp highscore
[12:28]  Alec: nice
[1:46]  Alec: Finally got the second agility course
[2:21]  Premium KroBa: Nice.
[2:26]  Premium KroBa: 99 is actually pretty nuts
[2:27]  Premium KroBa: How much exp is it to get to 100? Curious as to the ratio for that level to the entire previous levels :)
[2:30]  Premium KroBa: I put a few Crab Leg up for sale :)
[1:35]  Bleki: how much defense do I need to feel a difference
[2:10]  Premium KroBa: it's basically every tier of new gear
[2:11]  Premium KroBa: Runite armour is incredibly overpowered as it was neglected during an earlier nerf to the others
[7:22]  Premium xny1337: Ruby Necklace up for sale :)
[12:08]  zezima: 20.3m xp for 100
[3:53]  Premium KroBa: Oof :(
[7:40]  CrackInACan: 50 agility, it's so slow. painful.;
[1:17]  Premium KroBa: Agility is yuck to train :(
[7:46]  Premium Hands: yes it is... I should hit 50 myself tomorrow
[1:30]  Nohnuedna: Hello!
[1:31]  Nohnuedna: How do get logs?
[1:39]  RGBNHT: chop trees
[1:40]  RGBNHT: skills > woodcutting
[1:43]  Nohnuedna: I've been chopping trees and only getting branches.
[1:43]  Nohnuedna: Sorry, I'm new to this.
[1:44]  Nohnuedna: I'm at level 3 woodcutting now, are there options to obtain logs if I level up more?
[1:49]  RGBNHT: just keep cutting trees
[1:49]  RGBNHT: each time you get either branches or logs
[1:50]  RGBNHT: or maybe it starts out with only branches i cant remember sorry
[1:51]  RGBNHT: chop the regular tree to get the most xp
[2:44]  Premium Hands: iirc you start getting logs in addition to branches around level 5 or maybe 10?
[3:14]  Nohnuedna: hopefully it's by level 10 because i'm at 9 now.
Guest2017 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping maple tree!
[4:23]  Guest2036: awesome
[4:24]  Guest2036: i sharted
[2:30]  Premium Hands: finally unlocked town course lmao
[2:30]  Premium Hands: only took like three months
[2:20]  zezima: BIG GEM SALE
[4:29]  wifibitz: swag
[4:30]  PiggyMcBacon: swag
[5:12]  Premium KroBa: If only I wasn't broke xD
[5:14]  Premium KroBa: Guess I should go back to combat for a bit
RGBNHT has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[4:58]  Terra162: I'm level 40 Agility. When do you unlock the next course? I'm still running the village.
[4:58]  RGBNHT: its every 25 levels, so next is 50
[5:31]  Terra162: thank you.
Crack has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping maple tree!
[7:33]  Bleki: does combat skill level = % to hit/ dodge and % to defense and attack
[3:58]  Premium KroBa: I believe Defense reduces damage taken, as well as determining which tier of armour you can equip
[3:58]  Premium KroBa: Evasion is you chance to dodge attacks
[3:58]  Premium KroBa: Strength increases damage and health slightly
[3:59]  Premium KroBa: Attack increases damage, chance to hit and the tier of weapons you can equip
[3:19]  zezima: lvl 100 is going so slow. i get like 3% a day
[3:25]  Terra162: @zezima, well I guess it's easy to know when you will be done. XD
[10:42]  Bleki: Hello global chat, hope everyone is having a nice day today, question ... how does one get bones for prayer that isn't fish bones
[10:43]  Bleki: "which can be trained by burying the bones of defeated enemies" ... defeated implying combat, definitely doesn't refer to fishing
[9:52]  zezima: i swear @ryan if you take this down before i get 100 im gonna shit on your door step
RGBNHT has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
Guest2017 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping maple tree!
[6:56]  Alec: soo it was down for a couple days or what
[7:30]  Bleki: oh damn we back
[11:56]  Premium KroBa: xny1337 got to 1000! Congrats!
[10:11]  Evades: les go i hit evasion 58 twice
[10:15]  Bleki: it must have dodged you the first time
[7:17]  Premium Hands: nice xny!
[4:34]  Premium xny1337: just clicking and waiting but ty guys :D
[7:36]  Alec: 49 agility... so close to a new course
[2:11]  zezima: fucking only 34%.... ugh this is gonna take a month
[6:11]  Pureguns: hello
[6:23]  Pureguns: does anybody play this?
[6:51]  Bleki: yup
[3:47]  Premium KroBa: Some of us do
[1:36]  Bleki: the game plays itself
[3:49]  Alec: 50 agil :D
[4:13]  Bleki: gratz
[7:11]  Evades: If you reach 100 agility, you'll have a real advantage over the rest of us. Grats on 50!
[8:07]  Bleki: it's not the matter of if, it's the matter of when
[1:54]  zezima: 100 agility will take ages. ive only fished since i started and im closing in on 100
[3:03]  RGBNHT: is the max 100
[4:41]  zezima: i dont think so lol
[6:30]  RGBNHT: damn lol
[3:26]  Evades: yep. only 8-14 months more alec :D
[3:30]  Alec: EZ ;)
Premium xny1337 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping maple tree!
[6:18]  Guest2074: Is the game still active. There werent any updates since last year.
[6:18]  Guest2074: ?
[3:47]  Premium KroBa: There are still people active
[4:32]  Premium Hands: yeah there are people around
Doggod has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping maple tree!
[1:48]  zezima: home stretch to 100 at 51%!!!!!
[4:26]  Premium KroBa: Nice
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