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[6:37]  Premium Hobo: Lars talk to swindal tell him hobo sent you and ask for a spear, on the house
[6:37]  Premium Hobo: zank if he does not only will he get the spear but you can save your resources and ill give you the 3k
[6:38]  Premium Hobo: hobo on discord, have a great night folks
[6:38]  Lars018: <3
[6:55]  Premium Swindal83: smelting mith
[7:01]  Zankos: i did not need the coin, i need to lvl weaponsmith anyway so it doesnt matter
[7:04]  Premium Swindal83: go for it
[7:05]  Premium Swindal83: i'll go back to choppy trees
[7:07]  Zankos: i'll not give it for less than 3k tho
[7:07]  Zankos: even if i dont need money
[7:07]  Zankos: sniping ya know
[7:08]  Lars018: yea i dont mind paying either, but can u hold onto it till i have the coin?
[7:08]  Lars018: im at 1800 now
[7:09]  Zankos: ofc
[7:10]  Lars018: ight thanks
blindndangerous has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
blindndangerous has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[2:03]  Premium Swindal83: wtf
[2:38]  Lars018: double thunder
[3:07]  Lars018: can't wait for darkmode, getting retina damage i think
[3:13]  Zankos: you can dl app like dark reader to turn white into black
[3:21]  Lars018: thanks
[3:24]  Natas: I like getting flashbanged everytime I check in on the progress
[3:49]  Lars018: I think it's really bad lol, especially when you sit behind such a bright screen before bed
[3:50]  Lars018: i use flux for a few months now and it's been really nice tbh, sleeping a lot better
[3:51]  Lars018: oof someone bought all the cooked shrimp at 1coins each
[3:51]  Lars018: shri
[3:51]  Zankos: if you keep selling at that price, i'll buy every day
[3:52]  Lars018: since i started playing there was 1coin shrimp available everyday lol
[3:52]  Lars018: up untill now :(
[3:53]  Zankos: so sad i came into the market
[3:53]  Lars018: yea
[3:54]  Zankos: i'll buy soup instead of shrimp tomorrow if i manage to sell some stuff
[3:55]  Lars018: i bought shrimp for 2coin ea now its fine
[3:55]  Lars018: im at the point where i can sustain
[3:59]  janest: you gain max hp as you level too
[5:19]  Lars018: thanks whoever put the shrimp on the market :)
[3:23]  zezima: damn no one buying my fish
[3:25]  zezima: imagine undercutting me to sell shrimp. fuck you
[2:56]  janest: I thought you loved your pets :(
gmbattletech has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[1:05]  Premium Hobo: WAWAWEEWA
[1:11]  Premium KroBa: Says the guy that undercut literally everyone else
[1:13]  Premium KroBa: Especially with those quantities, you're bound to be undercut
[1:13]  Premium Hobo: me?
[1:13]  Premium Hobo: i dont sell anything
[1:13]  Premium Hobo: :(
[3:23]  Premium Swindal83: sticks sticks sticks
[3:23]  Premium Swindal83: wood wood wood
Ironman Tazgosh has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping oak tree!
[5:04]  Lars018: Zankos
[5:04]  Lars018: I have the 3k now
[5:29]  Zankos: done
[5:40]  Lars018: got it
[6:05]  Premium Hobo: bro did i really just get a gold bar for 21k
[6:05]  Premium Hobo: is this wheel of fourtune with pat sajak
[7:13]  Premium KroBa: so close to 60 cooking
[7:13]  Premium KroBa: going to have 2k fish oil soon
[7:14]  Premium KroBa: after chewing through 220k heat
[11:19]  Larrythecanary: how do you get wood? I keep getting branches...
[11:20]  Piccolo: I think logs start a little later, maybe level 5 or 10.
[11:20]  Larrythecanary: thank you! I assumed as much but wanted to be sure
[12:31]  zezima: lol @kroba i control the fish market
[4:23]  JohnLord: when can I open giant oysters?
[4:28]  Piccolo: I think bird nests and giant oysters haven't been fully coded in yet. So my guess is not at all yet.
[4:29]  JohnLord: ah ok, thanks!
[5:31]  Piccolo: At long last, 50 cooking
[7:25]  janest: gratsss
[7:38]  Piccolo: Just updated my weapon from bronze spear to iron spear and the crit difference is pretty solid. Definitely can accommodate some longer afking.
[7:49]  Premium saltymike: nice, im 2 lvs away from iron wep. cant wait
[7:54]  Piccolo: Awesome stuff. Highly recommend. I was critting in the 70s and 80s and now I crit between 120-130.
Premium Swindal83 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
blindndangerous has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[1:24]  Fratgirls: Dose luck from the rabbit foot actually do anything?
[1:16]  Premium Swindal83: No idea, but i use it when not fighting
[2:41]  Premium KroBa: I definitely equip it when I cook and I have no idea if it does anything :)
[2:42]  Premium KroBa: Who wants some Bass Salad?
[9:41]  Tizequieal: imagine undersutting 1 gold, cause ive seen those shrimp at 1 gold for a while zezima lmao
[10:09]  Premium Swindal83: plus it's cooked not raw zez
[12:23]  Lars018: what jewelry can ppl make? not much available on market
[12:52]  Piccolo: I can make sapphire jewelry now, but I'm sitting on it since gold and silver ore isn't very common. I barely ever get any.
[12:54]  Piccolo: Also do you need more 1 gold shrimp? I can sell you 2 gold fishsticks too, real quick, if you need more food.
[1:01]  Lars018: uhm ill buy fishsticks for 2coins
[1:02]  Lars018: what are the stats on sapphire jewelry?
[1:39]  Piccolo: No idea. I haven't made any yet haha. I'm a few levels away from unlocking the next tier so I didn't want to waste my gold/silver yet.
[1:40]  Piccolo: I'll put up the sticks, be a ninja about it so that nobody snipes you.
[1:41]  Piccolo: Hopefully the next version of the game supports direct messaging so we can reduce snipes without having to use discord.
[1:43]  Lars018: yea, got it btw
[1:47]  Piccolo: Great. LMK if/when you need more.
[1:47]  Lars018: i could buy more
[2:14]  Piccolo: Great, I put up some more.
[2:23]  Lars018: thanks that will last me a while
[2:38]  Premium Swindal83: the next jewelry is carnelian and it does 15 crit damage necklace 4 crit ring
[2:39]  Premium Swindal83: after that is emerald, ring is 5 crit and guessing neck is 20 crit damage, (i didn't get one yet)
[2:57]  Lars018: that's pretty good
[6:29]  Premium xny1337: http://prntscr.com/v7g2d4
[6:57]  TheXVII: any idea when the reset is coming?
[7:14]  Chr0nos: Does the reset come with more content?
[7:16]  CohnJonnor: ah so the emerald neck is at 55, good good
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