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[10:59]  LittleTwoBig: i must of missed something
[11:22]  Premium beardog2006: What sup twobig
[12:08]  zezima: lolol
[12:08]  zezima: moderator thinks this is a childs game
[1:31]  LittleTwoBig: zup bear, decided to stop training agility for a few its been literally 3-4 months of it
[1:32]  LittleTwoBig: and its soooooo slow
[5:13]  LittleTwoBig: ryan the creator........Like "THE" creator of the game? If so wazzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!
[1:00]  zezima: another diamond ring for sale
[5:33]  DarkKnight92: Jesus, I had just randomly thought of this game when me and my cousin played the OG ages ago. Took me a good 20 minutes to figure out the name and then I find out it’s back! This is incredible
[1:29]  Ironman KingHenry: is this account linked to idlescape?
[5:59]  Premium beardog2006: I loved the OG rsbattle.
[4:08]  zezima: diamond ring for 100k get it while you can
[8:09]  Premium beardog2006: put it in there for 70 and ill buy it
[2:49]  zezima: @beardog2006 its in there
[5:36]  Premium beardog2006: @zezima got it, Thanks.
[6:09]  LittleTwoBig: if anyone is selling their old adam boots/gloves for 1/2 price ill buy them all
[6:09]  LittleTwoBig: by all i mean one set of one each lol
[6:10]  LittleTwoBig: 125k each
[2:55]  zezima: they arent sellable
[4:43]  LittleTwoBig: oh darn lol well i tried hahah thanks zezima
[9:08]  zezima: but my diamond rings are
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[3:55]  LittleTwoBig: already bought one from you for 100k a few day ago
[6:08]  zezima: nice :P
[1:11]  Premium Swindal83: O_
[6:36]  Terra162: Is there any use for coal? I have it stacking right now. Unable to find a use for it.
[10:16]  zezima: nop
Rakoji has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[1:59]  zezima: more diamond rings available
[1:17]  Tizequieal: Out of all that grinding for gems and hours and hours of mine etc. its TOTALLY worth 100k x'D (bookies are crying for you)
[1:18]  Tizequieal: one of the very few items worth selling and we have a undercutter x'D
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[9:48]  zezima: its called no one is buying them for more so eat my ass
[9:49]  zezima: merch them if you think there worth more
[6:11]  Tizequieal: it was a simple question so you cat "eat my azz" lil bich boi x'D
[6:12]  Tizequieal: People that dont want to buy for more dont have the brain cells to figure out how long it takes to get that level, yet you finnaly got it and cheap it out like a scrub xD
[5:19]  Premium KroBa: It's a free market and worth is a personal evaluation. There's not much coin moving around these days either and many of us are basically deleting 5mil from circulation by buying the Runite Gauntlets and Greaves...
[7:16]  saron321: hello all. im new.
[1:06]  Tizequieal: welp 5 players will get diamond ring for 500k to pay off the loss then no? And you don't lose the ring that's alot more worth then 100k but w.e. its "personal evaluation" which i did but others have a werid way of pricing things in games, ether cheap af or mad expensive x'D,
[3:56]  zezima: i dont get why its making you mad?
[8:37]  hippogryph: lold
[8:37]  hippogryph sits back and enjoys the show. 🍿
[10:50]  zezima: lool hippo this guy is the biggest karen in the world
[3:21]  Tizequieal: I just think your a joke thats all x'D idk how you think I'm mad, its just dumb that u spent years on something and your selling your "worth", "short" out of all the games I've played its like wow x'D
[3:23]  Tizequieal: i made mil's off of doign jewlery skill in another game and it tooks years to get a to a level that makes me loads of money/craft items and make profit off it beacause it takes alot of mats to get to such a level, btw game wasn't popular like this. It's simple math but yer in school so i get it
[4:10]  zezima: lmfao years??? and there is not even 50 people actively playing this.... and they dont got that much money
[5:00]  hippogryph: Tiz you represent every bit of the Dunning-Kruger effect. X'D :'D "XD" X'D
[5:06]  zezima: he has 0 brain cells
[5:17]  hippogryph: Yep
[5:37]  zezima: hes just mad he cant make the rings
[5:38]  zezima: and by the time he can they will be valueless
[5:38]  zezima: hes probably the one with the 200k yew branches at 150 each
[2:07]  Premium KroBa: Better off making a few lots of 100k than nothing at all because people can't afford it.
[1:37]  Tizequieal: You too lovers can stay fucking eachother point still stands
[1:38]  Tizequieal: btw i cant woodcut anything cause the glitch in the game which the fat azz owner doesnt look or fix the problum, kinda like yer mum when she pushed you out C:
[1:39]  Tizequieal: I said you have 0 brains cells before, what you cant come up with yer own dis? RIGHT inbreed brain, forgot xD
[8:07]  hippogryph: Definitely think he should have his account wiped and perm muted.
[8:08]  hippogryph mixes up a drink.  
[1:21]  zezima: @tizequieal why u talking shit bozo
[6:00]  Guest7164: shit
[5:04]  Terra162: What level do you suppose unlocking rune ore?
[4:12]  Premium beardog2006: I think it was 80 for me
[4:52]  Terra162: HTanks
[3:28]  Munkleplays: Hello, new to game which class should I start out with?
[5:57]  Premium beardog2006: Fishing mining is good
[5:57]  Premium beardog2006: Woodcutting
[5:57]  zezima: @tizequieal theres a few more rings for you ;)
[10:48]  Kaboing: welp i started fishing will probably be a month before i actually do combat like usual
Premium beardog2006 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
Premium beardog2006 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
MainVerte has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping willow tree!
[11:16]  No44: Howdy world
Rakoji has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
MainVerte has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping willow tree!
Rakoji has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[3:59]  No44: Anyone on tonight ?
Premium beardog2006 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[7:35]  Premium beardog2006: whats good
[4:57]  BigBoi: This game still has no update?
[1:07]  System: None so far
[8:32]  Premium beardog2006: I would love to donate beyond subscription for updates. Or even buy the source and domain and finish it off myself haha. I love this game.
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[1:01]  Premium KroBa: Haha, that'd be rad! :)
[7:28]  ngoctien: hi guys im new here. do i need to train my agility before mining/fishing ?
[3:44]  Premium KroBa: You don't need to do anything
[3:44]  Premium KroBa: Just do what you want
[2:34]  System: when this will get to Beta or full version? so much potential <3
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[11:16]  zezima: DIAMOND RINGS AT A NEW LOW PRICE OF 50k!!!!
[1:52]  Premium beardog2006: Lol zezima hussling diamond rings.
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[10:28]  zezima: hustling that crack rock
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