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[2:04]  zezima: damnnnnnn im balling
[2:04]  zezima: i got 21k going up
[5:31]  Joharassit: hello i am new to game what should i be doing 1st to get started?
[5:43]  Joharassit: how do i see the fish i caught? outside of my pick axe & and axe i see no fish in inventory
[5:59]  RGBNHT: it will be in your inventory
[5:59]  RGBNHT: beside the action you selected you can see the success rate, it increases as you level up the skill
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[4:58]  AstroPuls3: How do you open giant oysters? Everytime I try it says I decided that it's better to wait.
[5:13]  Premium xny1337: @AstroPuls3 you cant open them in the current state of the game
[5:16]  AstroPuls3: Ah, thanks for that @xny1337
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Premium Lahira has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
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Mango has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[5:42]  Premium KroBa: Booyah, pulled into second overall :D
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[12:58]  Premium Swindal83: booyah
[12:59]  Premium Swindal83: i been slacking and not staying active :/
[6:30]  hellsingcatz: l
[3:48]  Premium KroBa: Yeah, I noticed
[2:17]  zezima: 98 fishing incoming... soooooo close to 100
[2:32]  Premium Swindal83: O_O
[2:32]  Premium Swindal83: i bought to much crab
[3:41]  zezima: buy more
[3:41]  zezima: what do i do when i get 100 fishing?? just keep fishing?
[3:46]  Premium KroBa: YEP
[12:24]  AstroPuls3: Is there other ways to increase skills like agility, attack etc? It seems these are the skills that take the longest to even increase by 1 level.
[1:28]  Premium Swindal83: agility just takes forever but it takes time off other skills when trained
[1:28]  Premium Swindal83: attack you lvl up by combat
[1:29]  Premium Swindal83: as you lvl up you're combat skills you can get up to other things
[1:29]  Premium Swindal83: higher the area more xp you can gain
[1:30]  AstroPuls3: Is it worth focusing on one combat stat, or balanced?
[1:30]  AstroPuls3: It seems combat is the one area you can't really AFK with, having to make sure you don't run out of food, etc.
[1:32]  Premium Swindal83: correct until you get high enough to afk longer
[1:32]  AstroPuls3: Alright cool, guess it's worth dedicating a lot of time to getting high agility and then focusing on combat.
[1:33]  Premium Swindal83: agility only works for reducing time of other skills, not combat skills but yes it is good
[1:33]  AstroPuls3: It also increase attack speed.
[1:33]  Premium Swindal83: each enemy you fight in combat has a set respawn of 10 seconds unless you don't kill quick enough then it takes awhile
[1:33]  Premium Swindal83: nah it doens't inc attack speed.
[1:34]  AstroPuls3: oh.
[1:34]  AstroPuls3: Not implemented?
[1:34]  Premium Swindal83: aye
[1:34]  Premium Swindal83: not that i've noticed tbh
[1:34]  AstroPuls3: Rough..alright.
[1:34]  RGBNHT: wat
[1:34]  RGBNHT: does that mean if you kill it in say 11 seconds, you have to wait 9 for it to respawn?
[1:35]  Premium Swindal83: no
[1:35]  RGBNHT: ok
[1:35]  Premium Swindal83: so if you kill it in 15 seconds the next instantly starts after you killed enemy
[1:35]  Premium Swindal83: but if you kill in 5 sec, you have to wait 5 sec
[1:35]  RGBNHT: ah
[1:35]  RGBNHT: thx
[1:36]  Premium Swindal83: idea is to keep your kill time under 10 sec, and not get hurt too bad to last longer
[1:36]  Premium Swindal83: evasion/defense (don't get hit or get hit for less) plus armor
[1:36]  AstroPuls3: Is it worth it to invest time into cooking, and getting the best food for +% xp?
[1:36]  Premium Swindal83: accuracy on weaps matter a lot too.
[1:37]  Premium Swindal83: yes and no
[1:37]  Premium Swindal83: the % xp dosn't affect combat
[1:37]  Premium Swindal83: but it affects other things
[1:37]  Premium Swindal83: if you auto eat food with the pouch it doesn't give xp buff. but if you eat it manually it will
[1:38]  Premium Swindal83: combat does not use up your xp buff
[6:23]  zezima: 98 fishing!
[3:43]  Premium KroBa: Sell me some more 5 coin crabs, bruh. I'll take 40,000 :)
[1:11]  zezima: put up what i got
[12:55]  Tizequieal: my strengeth exp and evasion exp is in the neagtives for some reason.... Sorry not gonna grind hours of exp so i can then progresss.... the heck is this?
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[3:05]  Premium KroBa: That means it kind of skipped ahead a level on the top layer of how we see it.
[3:05]  Premium KroBa: You''re not actually set back at all, you're just not into the current level it's showing you as for the minimum experience to be at.
[3:06]  Premium KroBa: If that makes sense...
[3:07]  Premium KroBa: So you still have to grind out the previous level of experience, even though it skipped you past it
[7:13]  Crack: Is there any info on agility anywhere
[7:13]  Crack: Like course levels etc
[2:37]  Premium Swindal83: Agility is rough
[2:38]  Premium Swindal83: 25 theb 50 are courses i think
[4:03]  Crack: Ouch, ty
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[3:03]  Premium Kertok: Hi, no updates or reset?
[3:03]  Premium Kertok: any similar game ??
[1:12]  RGBNHT: gates of survival, idlescape, dragonrip, melvor
[1:23]  Premium Kertok: thanks
[4:30]  zezima: weekly gem sale get them while there hot
[4:32]  zezima: also crabs n lobsters restocked on marketplace
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[7:28]  zezima: haha someone feasted on my sales
[2:07]  Premium KroBa: Yeah, I got some crabs. Someone else snapped up the gems before I could though :(
[2:10]  Premium KroBa: depending on how far into 80 saltymike is, I probably need another 20k crabs to get there -_-
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[4:13]  Premium Hands: lol game was down for what, like 2-3 days?
[2:14]  Premium KroBa: Something like that
[1:14]  RGBNHT: oh hey its back
[1:44]  Premium KroBa: The server issue happens on the first of every month and @Ryan has to restart it :)
[10:35]  Alec: well this looks quite different from the original game :-)
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[12:42]  Premium xny1337: nice, first one with lvl 74 :D
[1:20]  zezima: damn to think i was never gonna make it pass 80 fishing.... we hitting 99 probably sunday
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