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[3:49]  Premium KroBa: Those are the outcomes I was expecting/fairly aware of
[2:28]  Angulien: :)
[2:30]  Angulien: Chat gifts xD
[4:35]  Premium Swindal83: i kind of wonder how the runite weps work. they don't have a speed modifier on the weapon itself
[9:19]  janest: Runite dagger is 50 damage and 42 accuracy
[9:29]  Premium Swindal83: yeah the dagger is trash
[9:30]  Premium Swindal83: kinda wonder how the hammer would be though.
[9:30]  Premium Swindal83: 400dmg 21 acc but speed is ???
[10:42]  janest: Good point, maybe it's worth grinding 80 to find out :p
[10:54]  Premium Swindal83: YO i posted bunch of cheap salmon somebody cook it up for meh
[6:23]  CohnJonnor: woohoo powers back i can grind again
[4:58]  Guest1836: Hey, so is this your favorite RS text game-even over Melvor? Why-what makes this different?
[2:28]  Premium KroBa: One more level! POGGERS
[3:16]  Angulien: :)
[12:42]  wooxsenpi: sup guys
[4:02]  Premium Larrythecanary: hey @Ryan whats that URL for the beta?
[4:14]  janest: https://dev.rsbattle.com/login
[6:06]  CohnJonnor: Status update: Its still cold here
[1:51]  Premium jage: Some of those cheap salmon are cooked, more coming. My success rate is still low though.
[1:36]  Premium Swindal83: Amazing thank you jage
[1:37]  Premium Swindal83: Ive been without power and internet for 2 days
[8:52]  CohnJonnor: mines going in and out
[1:04]  Premium jage: NP, more up now. Will have to raise the price for the raw ones that are at 12, but will eventually do them all.
[1:04]  Premium jage: Thanks, trying to grind on cooking.
[6:12]  wooxsenpi: almost 200k maple logs and brances :D
[4:38]  Rottentomatoes: Why is "create Bronze Hatchet" under the Wood cutting actions ?
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[1:17]  Premium KroBa: Because it's a woodcutting tool
CohnJonnor has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[6:18]  Tizequieal: lol evertime i see a question about the game lately, its way to obvious idk how these nubs can't figure it out x'D
[6:46]  Premium KroBa: Everyone is a noob at some point.
[6:46]  Premium KroBa: Some people are just more vocal
[7:04]  Rottentomatoes: all my items i had yesterday are gone now, WTF this game is buggy AF, shoudnt even be open.
[9:54]  Premium Swindal83: tomato, just ctrl f5 your browser. it's all there sometimes it just doesn't cache right
[9:55]  Premium Swindal83: and maybe when ryan is done giving out hacked game codes on discord he can work on the update :P
[11:41]  CohnJonnor: i hope he's still able to supply those hacks in time
[2:12]  BushyBrow: When does charcoal become usable? Nothing on the wiki
[2:38]  CohnJonnor: won't be useful till the beta probably
[2:46]  Premium Swindal83: Soon for sure
[2:46]  Premium Swindal83: well ryans version of soon
[2:46]  Premium Swindal83: maybe next year?
[7:52]  Premium KroBa: 1/4 of a level to go!
[4:00]  Metsavend: There is no mobile responsive design ?
[12:44]  Premium Swindal83: idk what that means but it works on mobile, not an app but just weblink
[3:39]  Premium KroBa: Yay! 80 Defense!
[3:58]  Premium Swindal83: wooooo
[8:15]  Premium Swindal83: my journey for 5mil coin is slow and steady, at 350k now
[9:30]  CohnJonnor: whats on sale
[12:02]  Premium KroBa: Boots and Gloves xD
[3:19]  janest: Congrats KroBa!
[3:39]  wooxsenpi: if i sold my mats
[3:39]  wooxsenpi: i would be over 10mil
[4:05]  janest: your wha?
[4:32]  Premium Swindal83: idk if anyone would buy them all woox lol
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[3:54]  Premium KroBa: the difference in uptime with Runite armour is ridiculous xD
[2:49]  CohnJonnor: what are you capable of?
[1:02]  Premium KroBa: over 24 hours on wolves
[1:10]  Premium KroBa: depends on food too, obviously, but it's probably more than triple the effectiveness of addy
[3:10]  Premium Swindal83: it will be nice to go from bronze shoes to rune shoes
[3:28]  Premium KroBa: lol
[3:28]  Premium KroBa: i've been on that mithril shit for a while
[5:13]  janest: Mithril made a big change for me, I can go from 40mins of spider to 4 hours
[5:14]  janest: At 78 def/80 eva
[11:05]  Tizequieal: do u neeed addy?
BushyBrow has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping willow tree!
[2:40]  janest: yeah but theyre 250k each, by time I reach that I can wear rune armor
[2:41]  janest: so it doesn't make much of a difference at that point
[4:31]  Premium Swindal83: imma sell my old addy stuff cheap
[12:15]  Ryan: Btw, Rune items never got the updated stats when combat was released. So it isn't using the correct formula for stats, which is why it might be kind of OP. I never intended on people being able to get to Rune before the wipe happened. 😅
[12:55]  janest: we know lol
[1:11]  janest: just waiting for zez to hit 99 fishing
[1:15]  Premium Swindal83: ya we know ryan
[1:15]  Premium xny1337: someone tested the runite weapons? :D
[1:16]  Premium Swindal83: noone is 80
[1:16]  Premium Swindal83: workin on it, your closer tho
[1:17]  Premium xny1337: have not thought about the 80 attack tbh
[1:36]  Tizequieal: zez can stay at 99 fishing and ill go for 100 x'D (idk if everyone knows the max is 100, how!!!!!???)
[1:37]  Premium Swindal83: its 120 :P
CohnJonnor has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[7:27]  wooxsenpi: lol
Guest1816 has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[1:42]  janest: we have anything going into the cape slot?
[2:31]  Premium xny1337: you have to defeat batman, the secret boss of the maggot lair, to get his cape
[4:47]  janest: Darn
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[12:27]  Tizequieal: maggot lair for bat man x'D u mean a bat lair x'D tf
[1:13]  Premium KroBa: He's more of a lone wolf but the Pack Territory won't have him :(
[2:55]  Ryan: Okay everyone, the new Discord server has been setup. See you in there! 😁 https://discord.gg/TyFhTnpy9G
[2:59]  Premium KroBa: oof
[3:13]  Premium xny1337: new hacks available?
[3:14]  Ryan: 🤣
[3:23]  Premium KroBa: Did you update the automessage with the new discord?
[3:28]  Ryan: Yea
[3:54]  janest: can you allow reactions to messages in general :(
[5:19]  Ryan: Non-verified users have restrictions on what they can and can't do. I'll have to manually verify people right now until I can get things automated eventually.
[10:02]  zezima: big gem sale all 1k each
[9:36]  Whislyn: 👋 🌎
[1:19]  zezima: 95 fishing lets goooo @ryan add something already lol
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