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Criptin has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping yew tree!
[12:53]  zezima: i only got 300k left lol been buy cooked crab legs and grubs and hooks...
[12:55]  zezima: lowered all my other fish to 5 each to besides lobsters lol
[12:55]  zezima: 5k more crabs back in
Premium onihah has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[1:18]  Premium Swindal83: bass salad and smoked salmon up for sale
[1:18]  Premium Swindal83: crablegs too
[3:17]  zezima: my crab legs lol
[3:18]  zezima: i think im good on xp buff for awhile lol. only 429k
[4:16]  Premium Swindal83: i'm just sad you dropped cost on all the big xp fishies too lol. i'm broke
[4:49]  Piccolo: Yeah I just have no gold left. Spent all of it to boost my raw fish collection for cooking.
[4:49]  Piccolo: I'd farm more gold in combat but I'm still so busy just generating heat and cooking. Haha.
[4:50]  Premium Swindal83: somebody bought my crab legs :D
[5:03]  janest: im craving for crab legs ):
[5:03]  janest: whats a good dip for crab legs?
[5:05]  Piccolo: butter
[5:25]  L: Huh, I decide it's better to wait to open geode?
[5:35]  Premium Swindal83: it's not ready to be open yet try tomorrow
[12:41]  nibber: neat
[3:03]  Premium KroBa: Try tomorrow ecks dee
[3:20]  Premium saltymike: yeah theres also ganna be a use for charcoal tomrrow too
[3:58]  Premium KroBa: xny1337 on the push
[4:26]  Premium Swindal83: XD
[4:26]  Premium Swindal83: he may pass me as i cook
[6:07]  Premium KroBa: Never enough Yew
[6:33]  Premium Swindal83: nope never.
[2:39]  CohnJonnor: yew know it
Boopaloopa has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[7:01]  Premium Swindal83: i'm just blowing through heat.
[4:07]  Premium saltymike: yall are makin me sweat
[2:25]  Premium Hobo: one time i ate a fish
[8:38]  mailmeharry2008: anybody online?
[8:38]  mailmeharry2008: can anybody tell me how should i start?
[8:39]  mailmeharry2008: i have 0 gold and no equipment / tools to start anything lol\
[8:54]  Piccolo: A fast way to make some early money is prob just to mine a little. You can sell the rocks and sand from that to make some money. I'm happy to sell you some bronze equipment for 1 gold each, too.
[8:54]  Piccolo: Once you have bronze equipment and a weapon, you can farm gold through the combat menu.
[9:08]  Premium Swindal83: 244 coin
[9:09]  Premium Swindal83: click it
[9:24]  Premium Hands: if you keep an eye on chat small coin gifts pop up from time to time
[9:25]  Premium Hands: otherwise, just mine for a while, like piccolo said you get waste materials that you can sell for 1g each
[1:27]  CohnJonnor: i haven't gotten a gem in a while im pretty concerened
[1:34]  janest: nonsense we can’t dry up the gem river
[2:13]  CohnJonnor: less than 60k xp away from jc 60
[2:38]  Natas: come back when its 69
[3:01]  zezima: 89 fishing tonight
[1:10]  Premium Hobo: happy turkey day all
[1:18]  mailmeharry2008: cant do mining dont have pickaxe
[1:18]  mailmeharry2008: and no coin gifts till now
[1:28]  mailmeharry2008: i got one coin somehow idk maybe by that coin gift
[1:28]  mailmeharry2008: so anybody willing to sell me any tool for that one gold?
[1:37]  Premium Hobo: how do you have no tools? i thought that was impossible
[1:38]  Premium Hobo: you should have a stone pick and a stone axe
[1:55]  mailmeharry2008: nope nothing bro but i just got random flying gift of 97 coins
[1:55]  mailmeharry2008: can you sell stone pickaxe and stone axe to me?
[1:55]  mailmeharry2008: so i can start
[1:57]  Ironman 4: You can buy tools in the general store (town -> general store) for 3 gold each
[1:57]  mailmeharry2008: oh thats good
[1:59]  mailmeharry2008: bought all tools :)
[2:04]  mailmeharry2008: dry clay and rocks are total junk or should be saved?
[2:43]  CohnJonnor: total junk
[9:43]  wooxsenpi: happy thnaks givei9ning errrbodyu
Natas has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[10:59]  Premium Swindal83: happy thanksgivin!
[11:55]  janest: Happy thanksgiving!!
[12:00]  Piccolo: Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all are staying safe.
[12:02]  CohnJonnor: as safe as i can be going into work at a major airport :)
nibber has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[5:06]  zezima: 89 fishing!
[5:06]  zezima: maybe ryan has shark coded in at 90 XD
[6:16]  Premium Swindal83: i have many burnt fish for sale
[6:34]  Premium saltymike: the food market is in shambles
[6:34]  Premium saltymike: I am too poor
[6:34]  Premium saltymike: or i would
[7:42]  Premium Swindal83: i'm sorry :(
[7:42]  Premium Swindal83: have to cook so much to catch up
[1:50]  Ryan: 🦃 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a good day. I am grateful for all of you players. Shall have a report coming in a few days. :)
[12:03]  Premium Hobo: Thank you @Ryan Much Love Brother
[2:54]  Premium KroBa: Happy North American genocide day to those of you in that part of the world!
[7:40]  Premium Hands: happy turkey day ryan and everyone else! glad to hear some news is in the pipeline
[7:40]  Premium Hands: ada dagger on marketplace for 1gp
Boopaloopa has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
[6:21]  Piccolo: Level 59 cooking. This grind is nuts.
[7:36]  Premium KroBa: Hehe, I passed Swindal in cooking :)
[7:36]  Premium KroBa: temporarily, I'm sure
[4:13]  Premium xny1337: i passed him in total, at least for the moment :P
[4:15]  Natas: no one is ever gonna pass me
[4:19]  Natas: You shall not pass! *slams wood into xp-bridge*
[3:13]  Premium xny1337: Ruby Ring up for sale
[3:44]  CohnJonnor: dang i wanted to be the first
[3:44]  Premium xny1337: maybe ruby necklace is your turn :P
[3:45]  CohnJonnor: all depends on those gem drops
[2:22]  zezima: damn so many cooked crab legs on the market... wonder where all the crabs came from
[2:22]  zezima: my poor pets :(
[2:22]  zezima: 13k more just posted
[2:27]  zezima: cheap gems posted too
[1:32]  Premium xny1337: another ruby ring up^^
[1:44]  Premium jage: That's impressive. I'm guessing it takes quite a bit to get up to level 60 JC. I'm only at 42, and that's with using smoked salmon.
[1:44]  Premium jage: I do have a lot of cut gems that I'll probably not use if anyone wants them for cheap. But I think there's already a surplus of those.
MagicMan has just found [Thunderstruck Log] while chopping tree!
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